About me


Hi, I'm Madiken!​

These are the two words that describe me the most: dedicated and passionate. Whether I am working or doing things for leisure, I do everything with all the energy I have to put into it.


I take your projects and dive in deep treating them with the value and respect that I would give to my own company. When working on a new project, I take the time to understand the goals and vision you have for your project, both long-term and short-term. I ask lots of questions to better understand the big picture. You’ll find me asking who your competitors are and how you differentiate yourself from them. I think deeply about your company and how best to present it always coming back to what information the customer needs to have to take the next step and if we are providing that in the way they want it.


I am generally quiet and a bit reserved, but I have extreme energy spikes when I am passionate about a project I take on. Saying that I love the variety of industries, companies, and teams I work with is an understatement. The broad spectrum I see keeps me energized and fresh for each new project.


I am eager to take on new learning opportunities and regularly read and practice my newfound knowledge.


In my leisure time I enjoy distance running, home improvements, and adventure involving anything I haven’t done before.